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Post Doctoral Fellows, Research Associates, Graduate and Undergraduate supervision

Dr. Rossen Grebenitcharsky RA 2014 Wavelet Multi-resolution analysis of GOCE Trr data for gravity field, geoid and DOT determination
Prof. Dr. Claudia Tocho RA 2012-2013 GOCE/GRACE GGM evalution over Argetnina and zero-level geopotential determination (Wo) for height system unification
Dimitrios Natsiopoulos PhD 2012 Sea level variations and correlation with climatic indexes. DOT determination (along-track and 2D)
Ourania Altiparmaki MSc 2015 -2017 Cryosat-2 SAR and SARin contribution to HSU in Greece (Available in PDF format)
Konstantinos Christodoulou MSc 2015 -2017 Deformations of the Earth’s crust through collocated GNSS and gravity observations (Available in PDF format)
George Polykretis MSc 2015 -2017 SSH and SLA determination with a prototype buoy
Eirini Kolyvaki MSc 2010 -2011  A study of water mass variations over land and marine regions employing GRACE satellite gravimetry data (Available in PDF format)
Afroditi Katsadourou MSc 2010 -2011  The contribution of recent GOCE/GRACE Global Geopotential Models in Mean Dynamic Ocean Toporgaphy determination with satellite altimetry data (Available in PDF format)
Dimitrios Natsiopoulos MSc 2010 -2011  Sea Level Anomaly and Mean Dynamic Ocean Topography analytical covariance function determination to model sea level variations (Available in PDF format)